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Builders Laboratories

Builders laboratories it's a personal project that aim to become in the next future in a Collective project of creative and critical collaborations open to all arts forms.
We build stuff. Open stuff.
We love to hug the Copyleft formula instead of Copyright one. Human discoveries and progresses are often stopped by the patents system. People are obsessed by patenting everything and universities almost live thanks to patents created by phd's all over the world. This kind of system doesn't bring new knowledge to everyone, but just to someone who can access at this datas. We think that all the human system, must be clear and open.


Federico Chiummento

For any questions write an email here

That's the logo we use for our Sbirra! The all grain craft beer we produce!

That's the logo we use for the videogames we produce! You can play our first game for free at the following link: The Spirits of Kelley Family

That's the logo we use for our satiric Youtube Poop page (in italian):Riot Poop

That's the logo we use for the the open stuff we produce! A couple of links to our open source projects here:Woody Compact Woody Cargo